Yesterday I woke up with a great idea. Hey, why don't I write some code to automatically populate my Blogroll from my subscriptions in Google Reader. It was a pain keeping them in synch and my blog quickly became out of date as I updated by Google Reader subscriptions.

So I googled for "Google Reader API", found this in CodePlex and thought, great away we go. Sure, I'd have to integrate some code into my SubText blog but it was all do-able. The only real issue was that the code needed to know my Google username/password to access my subscriptions. This clearly wasn't ideal and it got me thinking there must be a better way.

Any so we come to the moral of this story.

If you wake up with a great idea remember someone else probably had it months ago and has already solved it.

And so it was. Near the end of last year Google addressed this very requirement. It was all possible without me having to write a single line of code. All I had to do was add some javascript to one of my web pages. Nice.

Browse to Google Reader and select "Manage Subscriptions". Add each subscription that you want to appear on your blog to a single folder (for example, PublicBlogRoll, in my case)


Now, there is a bit of confusion within Google Reader as to what the difference between a Tag and a Folder is. Officially you Tag posts and you group subscriptions into Folders. Having said this, you will still see you Folders appear under the Tag tab.


And check it out - you get to a link to add a blogroll to your site. The link will take you to another page that shows you the javascript you can add to your site.

For SubText users - you can add this to the PageTemplate.ascx file of your skin.