Unsurprisingly, Darren Rowse sure knows how to attract attention to his blog with a call for bloggers around the world to join the 7 link challenge. The idea is you answer 7 questions that highlight some of your blog’s highlights.

So here goes…

  • My first post – somewhat ironically, I found out about Darren’s challenge but reading Simone’s list – Simone put me on to using SubText as my blog engine and is mentioned in my, somewhat lame, first ever post.
  • The post I enjoyed writing the most – was in fact one that contained very few words and involved creating a single diagram that I thought captured the core concepts behind the often bewildering WCF – WCF Simplified to a Single Diagram. I was a software architect for long enough that the desire to draw boxes with lines between them was too strong.
  • The post which had a great discussion – would have to be a fantastic post about How To Impress at Your Next Interview where one of my top peeves was a CV with spelling mistakes. Unfortunately the post itself was riddled with typos to the vast amusement of those reading it! I think I’ve updated most of the mistakes but the comments tell the story nicely.
  • A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you had written – I recently read a great response to someone trying to compare Javascript with Silverlight and making a real hash of it. The response was measured and, unlike the other post, accurate – I like reading people who can keep a calm head and not get lost in emotional hype.
  • A post with a title I’m proud of – not sure I actually take any pride in my post titles but I quite like the directness of UISpy – Download it Here! – especially since there was a decidedly non-direct path to finding it. Lots of direct search hits when someone is looking to download it now.
  • A post you wish more people had read -  was hoping that my rumour starting would generate some sort of confirmation from someone… .NET Rocks Duo Coming to New Zealand?
  • My most helpful/visited post – only recently overtaken by The Difference Between “Add Web Reference” and “Add Service Reference” the post that has been read and commented on most would have to be Do You Really Want to be a Development Team Leader

Am convinced I enjoyed that more than you, but hey, it’s my blog ;-)

PS – go Sky , Chris and Kirk